Lynn Torode is passionate about understanding energy and being a healer.  Lynn brings a practical approach to House/Space Clearings.  Lynn understands and explores with you the shape of your home and what the most powerful and effective spaces are for you to function in your Home or Office.  

Here’s what a few of her clients had to say about Lynn’s work:   “Lynn changed my life.  No joking, my husband and I had hit a fork in the road where we were not sure we would be okay.   Lynn addressed the shape of our home and where our placement was for our home office.  She addressed support centers and prosperity centers.   It seemed impossible at first thought of it, but tackled it right away.  The change was stunning to me.  I have energy again and I am experiencing hope and direction again.  And I love being in our home/office. ” While no two experiences are the same,  It is my pleasure to encourage anyone else to experience your methods.  Well done Lynn,   Karen A – San Diego, CA

  • Certified by Denise Linn: Elemental Space Clearing®
  • Interior Alignment® Feng Shui. (Which can be done together or separately)
  • Reiki Healer since 1998
  • Intuitive Direction Advice
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