Why Meditate? 

First, It is my inclination to share with you that Meditation is not only a stress reducer for your body, but is the very start of all metaphysical experiences and practice.  It’s when we touch base with our inner selves, our higher selves. Meditation is excellent for all types of health challenges, as it gives the body a moment to rest.  Also it awakens your inner sight, voice, and hearing that can begin to communicate with you.  My personal experience is often color and through color I get messages not heard but just sensed.  With regular meditation you can learn how to turn it off when you need to rest, as well as to tune in for a reading for fun or as an occupation.

Meditation comes in many forms ie. Guided Meditation is a wonderful way to start.  But also know that when you are driving on the highway and your mind begins to wander into many realms of thought, that too is a form of meditation.   Just like standing at the sink and washing dishes can be the same. Often it is when we communicate with others through our thought waves.  It is thought that when you think of someone, often they are thinking of you too.  This unspoken communication is still a form of meditation.  When we allow the mind to rest. Not controlling the outcome or the information.  Just purely Be.

There is not a Right or Wrong way to do it.   Just start somewhere.

When I work with clients who are especially stressed I often refer to a writing meditation utilizing the principals of Law of Attraction.  For instance, start a Gratitude Book you write in, just as you are going to bed. Write everything that went Right that day.  Even if you have to reach to the furthest edges of your mind.   You can be grateful for where you are sleeping, for clothes, for your health for those you love, have loved and those who love you.

These are all forms of Meditation where you are in touch with your higher self.  You never have to know the HOW, Only the What you want in this type of Writing Meditation.

A wonderful measure gauge is to do this for 5 days:

Write just as you are going to bed: 5 things you are grateful for and 5 things you would like in your life.    This is extremely powerful.  Please do not write anything you don’t want.   No names, no dates.  Just let your imagination take you into what makes you feel happy.

If you are grieving a person alive or passed, then think about the happiest times and what that felt like.    

I do believe the highest compliment you can give a person who has passed from this incarnation is to know you would be willing to risk love again because you know it to be so wonderful.

Wishing you peace of mind and space for your imagination to create with you.