Karen Prisant Ellis , “This is the work I was born to do. My work is my ministry. ” 

   Karen brings practical enlightenment to today’s complex world.

Karen Prisant Ellis
Karen Prisant Ellis has worked as a forensic psychic for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as attorneys and families for over thirty five years. She has been responsible for uncovering numerous leads in murder and missing person cases, some of which are many years old. Even the most astute detectives had been baffled by her abilities. She is known throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe with a reputation of utmost integrity and accuracy in her specialized work. 
When Karen was a young child, she didn’t realize that other people weren’t aware of the Spiritual Supernatural World. Her mother used to come into her bedroom and ask her, “Who are you talking to now?” This was very odd to her. She thought everyone could see Grandma Mary’s spirit. Years later, she realized that she was going in and out of trance, coming and going from the supernatural world. As a result, the physical and spiritual supernatural was always one world to her. She could slip into them as easily as a bird flying from tree to tree.
At the age of twenty-one, she was one of two Americans selected by Borocourt Hospital, an institution in Peppard Commons, England to conduct music therapy studies. She demonstrated American Behavioral Therapy, the B.F. Skinner Approach, with non-verbal autistic adolescent boys. She combined this form of therapy with her gifts of telepathy. She then went on to present her research conclusions at the annual conference of the British Association of Psychiatry. 
Growing up Karen always loved the TV show, Perry Mason. It was actually no surprise when one day she ended up doing detective work. The spirits of murdered victims communicated with her, and when necessary she went to the actual crime scene. Police artists have sketched renderings of guilty perpetrators she has clairvoyantly seen in her visions, and in many cases, witnesses have identified the guilty suspects from these drawings. Her first case was a homicide committed in the Ohio State Department Building. A woman was stabbed to death, then tied up with her panty hose, following a meeting with the Governor. Karen’s involvement initially seemed out of the blue, but now many years later, she realizeit was all part of her destiny, and each of her cases prepared her for the next. Looking for missing people became a natural evolution. The most gruesome of homicide cases were Satanic Ritual murders. This was a forefront in the 1980’s, and she was consulted by all levels of law enforcement such as the NYPD, LAPD, even the Florida FBI, just to mention a few.
Karen has also proven to be a great help to troubled families. Through her spiritual gifts in telepathy, she’s drawn out comatose patients to minimal communication skills, and some have even progressed to miraculous recoveries. Her work in music therapy and spiritual healing has also encompassed those with severe mental, emotional and physical disabilities, hyperkinetic self abusive people, including the autistic, ranging in all ages from infancy to old age.
During the course of her career, she has also been called upon by parapsychologists and frightened families as a Spiritualist Minister and Medium, to communicate with earthbound spirits, (commonly known as poltergeists) to determine why they are present. One of her most important accomplishments was the spiritual clearing of many earthbound spirits from the Ground Zero Museum in New York City. 
She has appeared on numerous television programs, as well as on more than one hundred shows across America and abroad. Karen Prisant Ellis has very special gifts, which thankfully, she uses for helping mankind.
Thank you!