Where you think you are going, is where you will end up. That is the Natural Law of Cause and Effect, other wise known as Law of Attraction. 

Law of attraction is part of every day of our lives.  Our thoughts direct every part of our experience, this can seem impossible when you are having a challenging time. I’ve heard many a client tell me, I think positive all the time, I’m just really unlucky.   How we see ourselves is what we are re-energising to the Universe.  Be so careful of your self talk.  Please know worry can be a very destructive force with the loss of sleep, anxiety and the toll that takes on your body.  In addition, worry invites the seeds of the very issue you are focused on to prosper in your life.  That’s right you get more of it.  

When I hear people say Law of Attraction does not work, I know instinctively they may be struggling in the department of satisfaction with their lives.   What we focus on we get more of.

Great exercise for testing the waters here is to start a gratitude book, and each time you have a thought that is less than positive about yourself, a co-worker, parent, child or love interest, start writing what you do like about yourself or any of them.   Find a different focus!  

As you focus on what you like, you will get more of it, NO ONE is too far gone to change their direction today, in a moment and have lasting impacts on their lives.  Congratulations, you are now Manifesting more positive into your world.

Now if Manifesting is your focus, you can also write down what it is you are creating.  I often guide my clients to take a 5 day period and just as they go to bed, write down:

  • 5 things you are grateful for today
  • 5 things you would like to have in your life

No Names, No Dates, just describe what it feels like.

Work example: “I love that I am appreciated for the work I do and my co workers and I enjoy our time with each other.”

Love Example: “I love that my partner and I are in sync with each other.  I love that my partner treats me with the utmost respect. We have fun together.”

You never have to know the “How” only the “What” . Your angels and guides will do the rest if you will only ask them to help.

This exercise can have dramatic results.  You can do the 5 days, but all the better if you carry on.

Blessings to you,