Tarot cards have always been a voice for me, which I have felt is a gift from spirit, it is a language that offers insights and new ways of looking at what may be going on, but with direction on what is possible.

Karen has read tarot for many years, as well as years teaching Tarot for private clients.   I will not ask your question, only that you think of it as I shuffle.  

Tarot gives insights in a way that you can understand and implement the changes that feel right to you. When I read for another person, I clear my mind of all thoughts and ask my higher self to give information the questioner can understand and implement. 

Card Placement is important as the cards are telling a story, it is not necessary for the person receiving the reading to see the cards, but I often share what they are for those who understand.

For the past year I have been a reader on a popular phone Psychic Line, and it’s time to go direct with my clients again.